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Tips to Run Projectors During the Day

During the daytime, many projectors show their weaknesses. The picture is always clear and crisp in a dark room, and you can enjoy a new movie or a timeless classic. But as you carry the device outdoors or forget to close the windows with curtains, you see that it has become washed out and dim. Perhaps, it happens because your projector is simply incapable of delivering the brightness required for light spaces. Or maybe you just don’t know how to set it up correctly? So, let’s look into how to use projectors during the day without compromising the image quality.

Do your projector and the screen make the cut?

do your projector and the screen make the cut?

Optimal brightness

As you plan to achieve the utmost performance from the projector for daytime use, you’ve got to keep an eye on the brightness parameter. To be specific, how much light comes from the projector, which is measured in lumens.

This parameter can vary dramatically, from the low hundreds in portable projectors to higher values. The minimal number to look for is 3,000 lumens. If you pick a device with lower capabilities, do not expect the smooth operation of the projector in daylight.


Having a capable projector is one thing. But what about the screen? Can it also qualitatively reproduce the image in conditions of a bright light source?

Ideally, it would be great to use the ALR screen, which helps optimize the projector’s image output even in high ambient light and sunlight conditions.

Make sure the screen is white. Other colors, like gray, do not have the same reflective qualities. Also, be aware that the size of the screen also makes a difference. A smaller screen will require fewer projector lumens to be bright enough in the daytime, while a bigger one will need more lumens.

How to optimize the projector’s work in daylight

how to optimize the projector's work in daylight

If there is no way to use a projector at night outdoors or in a darkened room, here are a few things to consider.

Get the projector ready

Even if your projector doesn’t have the required number of lumens, you can still achieve the highest quality image possible. So, you will need to make the projector brighter.

  1. Clean the projector lens to get the highest amount of light output.
  2. Run the projector in the brightest mode (ECO won’t be appropriate for daytime use).
  3. Manually take the brightness settings to the highest value.

Mind the setting

What time of the day are you considering for the outdoor or indoor presentation or content viewing? As the sun will be the brightest in the middle of the day, avoid arranging the event within this period. Preferably, consider the evening a perfect time to use a projector outdoors.

In addition, you can resort to light management. Close windows shades or block significant light sources for indoor projector use. In case you are outdoors, set up your screen and projector under a tree or around the side of a building where there’s some shade.

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